2022 Easter Floral Dedications

Floral Remembrances - Easter 2022

Given in Loving Memory of:
  • My parents, Dorothy & Harry Kohl, by Susan Birchfield
  • Connie Boswell, by Rick and Holly Boswell
  • George and Michael Burke, by Penny Burke
  • Betty Lou Grotteria, by Penny Burke
  • Our parents, by Mickey & Ellen Cline
  • Our parents, by Salid and Judy Davari
  • My parents, Steve & Lori Gremban, Heidi Everett
  • Ragland Fletcher, Yate’s father, by Yates & Gwen Fletcher
  • Bill and Mozelle Williams, Gwen’s parents, by Yates & Gwen Fletcher
  • Dora & Curtis Gibbs, Henry’s parents, by Onita & Henry Gibbs
  • Louise & Wesley Stack, Onita’s parents, by Onita & Henry Gibbs
  • Connie Culpepper & William Stack, Henry’s sister & Onita’s brother, by Onita & Henry Gibbs
  • Francis Giesbrecht, husband, by Peg Giesbrecht
  • Kathy Giesbrecht, daughter, by Peg Giesbrecht
  • Helen Wieler, sister, by Peg Giesbrecht
  • Gary Govert, husband, by Ellen Govert
  • Colin Harvey, by John & Barbara Harvey
  • Rita Lang, by Paul & Sarah Lang
  • My dad, Warren Schneider, by Cynthia Stewart
  • David Voss & Gary Govert, by Lynn Voss
  • Bill & Jean Mundell, by Richard Wood

Given in Honor of:
  • Our children, Jillian & Andrew, by Ian and Jane Dunbar
  • All parents & great-grandparents, by Mike and Laurel Callis
  • Our children & loved ones, by Paul & Sarah Lang
  • The ministries of CPC, by Nancy Smith
  • My parents Thelma A. Viser Woody, John G. Viser, and Joseph R. Woody, by Peggy Viser