Financial Update

April 21, 2022
Financial Update
We report with great joy and thanksgiving the following gifts received during the first quarter of 2022:
  • Additional gift of $75,798 to the Endowment Fund, for a total gift of $153,778 in memory of Jim Kurz.
  • Gift of $5,000 to the Endowment Fund in memory of Susan Johnson.
  • Gift of $11,620 to the Organ Replacement Reserve in memory of Alfred and Ann Clark. 
  • ASP stock gift of $100.
  • Gift of $100 to our Caregiving Ministry.
  • Gift of $500 to help purchase a new laptop for our worship live stream.
  • Gift of $1,928 to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance to help with Ukraine relief efforts.
  • Gift of two UV scrubbers for the downstairs HVAC system. 
  • Gifts to date of $404 to One Great Hour of Sharing.
  • Youth donations of $150.

We continue to rent up to 75 parking spaces in our upper lot to Frank L. Blum, the Glenaire expansion general contractor.  The number of spaces varies each month based on the timing of the subcontractor scheduling.  The proceeds are added to our Capital Reserves and total $12,420 since July 2021.
Thank you to all our CPC members and friends who have continued to give so generously and faithfully.  We appreciate each and every gift, and have shared your generosity with our community and beyond.

As always, you may continue to mail gifts to the church office, make gifts online via our website at this link, text your loose plate offering gifts to 844-956-4226 ($XX), or sign up for auto draft by contacting Finance Manager, Barbara Carew.  If you have any questions, please email Barbara in the church office.