Fair Trade Items: Currently Available

The Fair Trade Team welcomes your orders and is happy to bring them to you within 20 miles of CPC and with a minimum order of $10.00.  Thank you for helping us support Fair Trade farmers around the world and our friends in Nimasac, Guatemala.  

Current Inventory (as of 6/4/21):
  • Whole bean regular coffee: Mind, Body and Soul - $5.00-9.00/bag; Midnight Sun - $9.00/bag
  • Ground regular coffee: Mind, Body and Soul - $9.00/bag; French Roast - $9.00/bag; Hazelnut Crème - $9.00/bag; Sisters Blend - $10.00/bag
  • Ground Decaf coffee: Plain - $10.00/bag; Hazelnut Crème - $10.00/bag
  • Tea: Irish Breakfast; Green; Peppermint; Ginger - $4.00/box; Tea Sampler - $3.00/bag
  • Hot Cocoa Mix: $3.00/can
  • Dark Chocolate Bars: Caramel Crunch - $4.00/each; Very Dark - $4.00/each; Mint Crunch - $3.00/each
  • Milk Chocolate Bars: Plain - $2.00/each; Caramel Crunch - $1.00/each; $3.00/each
  • 6 Chocolate minis: Dark Chocolate - 1 bag/$1.00; Milk Chocolate - 2 bags/$1.00

For ordering details, please contact Betty Boyd.