Eradicating Systemic Poverty Partners

Lack of access to education, transportation, fresh food, financial resources, a healthy environment, employment with a living wage, healthcare, benefits, citizenship, and affordable housing creates generational cycles of poverty and a racial wealth gap that are systemic in nature. Jesus Christ taught us to care for the vulnerable, to be a good neighbor, and to provide food to the hungry. Cary Presbyterian Church partners with local organizations to provide that care.
ONE Wake is a non-partisan, multi-racial, multi-issue group of religious congregations, associations, and other non-profits in the Wake County area with membership totaling in excess of 50,000 households. Members advocate for affordable housing, public transportation, mental health, and other issues. 
Dorcas Ministries helps  our neighbors thrive by providing financial and food assistance, training and coaching, client advocacy, a platform for people to make a difference, and a best-in-class thrift shop for our community.
Oak City Cares is a “coordinated entry” agency located in Raleigh that addresses housing insecurity. Cary Presbyterian partners with Temple Beth-Or to provide a meal for 250 people once a month for its Weekend Meals Program.
As a member of the Presbytery of New Hope, CPC is included in a partnership with Brightspire and DHIC that is transforming the former Milner Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, NC, into Milner Commons, an affordable housing for seniors.
CPC members work with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County to provide and advocate for affordable housing.