Dismantling Structural Racism Resources

Racism is a lie about our fellow human beings, for it says that some are less than others. It is also a lie about God, for it falsely claims that God favors parts of creation over the entirety of creation. Because of our biblical understanding of who God is and what God intends for humanity, the PC(USA) must stand against, speak against and work against racism.


  • Glossary - important terms for understanding the issues of dismantling structural racism and promoting racial equity, developed by The Aspen Institute.
  • Race + Housing 101 - Wake County Habitat for Humanity's Forging Ahead on Affordable Housing page.
  • Talking About Race - tools and guidance for conversations about race.
Books available in the CPC library:


Scene on Radio: Seeing White 
A 14-part series about where the notion of whiteness came from and what it means.
How the Word is Passed
Author Dr. Clint Smith interviewed by Brené Brown.
School Colors
A  series about how race, class, and power shape American cities and schools.
Nikole Hannah-Jones' series about how slavery has transformed America.
Nice White Parents
Chana Joffe-Walt's series about white parents and public schools.
In the Light: The Betrayal
Dr. Anita Phillips on the intersection of racism, diversity, and the church.


Segregated by Design: A documentary examining how American cities were segregated unconstitutionally
Race and the Church: A video series and discussion from NEXT Church, a community of PC(USA) leaders.