Cary Presbyterian Preschool

Thank you for your interest in our program! Cary Presbyterian Preschool is a community-based mission of Cary Presbyterian Church, where children of all faiths, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds are embraced, taught and cared for, as a reflection of Christ’s love for all people.

Reasons to choose Cary Presbyterian Preschool:
  • We focus on the social and emotional development of your children as they learn to interact with other children, while providing academic experiences through play.
  • We provide a daily schedule of playtime, learning, music and sharing time with kindergarten readiness as our goal.
  • Our staff is highly qualified and passionate about teaching preschoolers.
  • Our small size creates a family atmosphere where our parents can feel connected.
  • We have a beautiful, partially shaded playground with great opportunities for outdoor play and motor skill development in a natural park-like setting.
  • We are licensed by the NC Division of Child Development. Our facilities, staff and program are carefully regulated to maintain compliance with the agency standards.
  • We are innovative, always striving to provide quality experiences, such as Music and Science programs, and the Letterland Phonics curriculum.
  • Our preschool teaches compassion for others by providing hands on mission opportunities.


Our family is so happy with our experience at CPP. My older daughter is a CPP graduate and her younger sister is in her second year. The staff is incredible, very loving and supportive to the children and parents. There is low turnover with the teachers and that speaks volumes to the culture and environment at the school. We really appreciate the conscious discipline program at CPP; it has clearly helped my daughters with emotional regulation and helped us with our parenting of them. I can't say enough about how wonderful CPP is - they were invaluable in helping prepare my older daughter for a smooth and successful transition to Kindergarten.
- Emily R.


Leaving Cary Presbyterian Preschool when my youngest of three graduated overwhelmed me with so many emotions. To have been part of such a wonderful school and community for so long is just so incredible and we feel so lucky and grateful. CPP is truly a special program. They are a family that we were a part of and we will miss you all dearly. You have a wonderful staff and the most caring, dedicated teachers. You go above and beyond to make families feel comfortable and you listen and respond to their needs. Thank you for all that you do, every day, to ensure that our sweet children are safe and happy. It was like a second home for our babies! My family and I will never forget CPP, nor will we stop recommending the school to other families. We are so thankful to have been part of such an amazing school.
- Elizabeth J.


We love CPP! This is our family's seventh year there (our three youngest children are currently CPP students and our two oldest are CPP alumni). We love the caring teachers and small class sizes. Our children especially love the many art projects, music classes, and the ample time spent outdoors learning and playing. There is a good balance of structure/routines and free play, and the teachers really get to know each child well. When our older two children started kindergarten, they were well prepared socially and academically thanks to their time at CPP. We will continue to enthusiastically recommend CPP to anyone we know who is looking for a preschool for their child!
- Annie H. 

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