We made it!!!

Sanctuary Sound and Lighting Campaign

Thank you very much to everyone who has made a gift to date!
We are 94% of the way our goal of $50,000 and are down to the last $10,000! Please help us finish this campaign!
We have two generous donors who have offered to match the next $1,000 in gifts received. If you are considering a donation to “Can You Hear Me Now?” and have yet to actually do it…now is the time! Your gift will have double the impact!

All gifts, whatever the amount, will be joyfully received and will be used to help share the good news of the gospel. The continued ability to worship safely at home needs to be an option for quite a while, if not always. This has become our new normal. The upgrades to the chancel lighting, sound system, cameras, and more are vital pieces of our ministry, and will greatly enhance our ability to spread the good news of Jesus Christ wherever we may be.    

Our upgraded Lighting, sound, and video improvements will include:
†         two permanently mounted HD video cameras
†         A touch screen monitor for the video production
†         a new soundboard
†         iPad controllers
†         microphone upgrades
†         new chancel lighting fixtures
†         new lighting dimmer to eliminate the noise of the current dimmer

“Can You Hear Me Now?” is designed to help CPC
integrate technology with faith, so all who wish
to hear the good news of God’s love and see it unfold
may experience deeper faith together in Christ.
To make our desired solution possible, we ask for your financial support.  The cost of our proposed technology and lighting improvements is $50,000.  Any amount is greatly appreciated, though a suggested donation is $250 or higher, as you are able.  

You may mail your gift to the church office or visit our website at www.carypresbyterian.org/give and select “Can You Hear Me Now” for your bank draft or credit card gift.  

Our current Giving = $51,430!  Thanks for your amazing generosity!

Watch for more information next week…