Adult Christian Faith Formation

We hope you will share the excitement we have about our classes. We believe they meet needs for solid, traditional style Sunday School classes that are relationship-oriented with fluid offerings that do not require a series or weekly, consecutive attendance. We trust that all of these offerings will be relevant and will enrich your faith journey.

The scope of Adult Christian Faith Formation, concentrated in the Sunday School hour on Sunday mornings from 9:29 to 10:20, is very broad since we see faith as relevant to every area of our lives. We seek to provide biblical, theological, and historical context for both new and old insights to be examined by presentation and open discussion. Subject matter is biblically-oriented, while also including diverse topics and ways of looking at faith. Courses offer help and hope for spiritual growth and explore the implications of our faith.

Recognizing the diversity of our member needs and interests, we offer variety in format with five open classes. Class locations are indicated, or church members will be happy to help you find a class. We invite you to read below about upcoming adult faith formation classes and feel the excitement about new learning. See you in class!

This popular adult curriculum, based on the Uniform Series, enables Christians across the globe to study the same Scriptures and topics on the same Sundays throughout the year. Studies are thematic and will cover either large portions of a Bible book, or will select particular passages from several Bible books. Students each have a study guide. The class is a mixture of teacher presentation and student discussion.

Leaders: Kim Herring, Wayne Honeycutt

This class frequently uses a video series with a biblical emphasis to impart information and to stimulate discussion. The Thoughtful Christian, and Dr Mickey Efird’s large Bible series are but just two resources used.  Additional resources might come from the Great Courses or video curriculum from Cokesbury and more. Discussion following the video presentations is lively.  

Leaders: Lisa and Alan Ward.

A class open to all, but focused on parents of all ages, this class uses a format of checking in with how everyone’s doing and then moving on to the topic of the day, which varies from discussing a blog post by a Christian parent to the challenges of being a faithful family in an increasingly secular world. Occasionally, a series on a topic is offered. One hallmark of this class is the openness of attendance: come as often as you can but know that it’s okay to come and go.

This class responds to the need for flexibility in attendance and topic. The class format combines topics which may be different each week or a short series. This allows drop-in attendance and permits regular learners to engage with a variety of current subjects. The class may study such topics as religion and violence, the prosperity gospel, racism and faith and more. Individual sessions are publicized in the bulletin and the e-newsletter..

Kerygma, a Greek word, means “a proclamation made by a herald.” In New Testament translations it is translated “message.” The Kerygma educational approach is inductive: participants actively engage in the learning process, resulting in lively and interactive group sessions. This kind of Bible study can create a deeply satisfying encounter with Scripture, for those long familiar with the Bible and those opening its pages for the first time. Courses in these topics will be offered: introduction to the Bible, strategies for interpreting the Bible, looking at the Lord’s Prayer with fresh eyes, and others.  

Additional Spiritual Growth Opportunities:

Mid-week Bible studies are offered periodically, ordinarily on Wednesdays. In addition, there may be a Bible study created for 3-6 weeks on a specific topic. During Lent, which is the season for reflection and growth in one’s spiritual life during the 5 weeks before Easter, a weekly Bible study is offered, again, ordinarily on Wednesdays. These opportunities for learning are publicized in the church bulletin or e-newsletter.

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