“Who knows but you have come to this place for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

This verse from the book of Esther reminds us that Queen Esther faced personal danger in becoming an advocate for her people, and experienced isolation in her royal position, yet she answered God’s call and emerged a strong and respected leader.

Our “for such a time as this” moment has largely been defined by this year’s pandemic crisis when ordinary life and activities have been suspended, and many have struggled with isolation and fear.  As with Esther, CPC has had to call upon our faith and trust in God’s plan. With faith, we know we will emerge from our social wilderness fully prepared “for such a time as this.”

We gratefully remember the abundance of our time before the pandemic. Even now, this abundance is evident through your steady, sustaining stream of support.  Your gifts have allowed the church to continue to operate normally, and to extend your generosity to our local and worldwide community.  We need to remember God’s blessings in all circumstances: in the fullness of life and when we are alone.

What do we hope for in our “such a time as this” moment?  Our hope invites us to embrace the future as we support our new pastor, Rev. Dr. Paul Lang and his wife Sarah. We will continue local and global outreach efforts, follow through on our pledge to address racial inequality, promote faith formation and fellowship, increase small group gatherings, and livestream all our worship services.

RememberHopeTransform. Esther’s “for such a time as this” moment did not look like ours, but as we remember her response to God’s call, we continue to hope that our faithful God will allow us to transform our lives and the future of CPC, each moment of the day, right where we are.

The need for committed stewardship continues.  Your financial resources and gifts of time and talent are essential for CPC to thrive. Please return your 2021 Planned Giving and Time and Talent commitments to the church office, place them in the Generosity box in the Narthex, or submit your pledge online through the website.  Please respond by Sunday, November 1.

To Hope is to Remember. With gratitude,

Your CPC Generosity Team

Donna Adkins, Summer Bohm, Barbara Carew, Mary Jane Donahue, Hal Drumheller, Rev. Duane Hix, Su Johnson, Jim Kurz, and Rowena Morrison (team lead)

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