The Deacons are part of the wider net of the Health and Wholeness Ministry Area, thus working closely with the Pastoral Care Team, the Parish Nurse, the Card Writing Ministry and the Stephen Ministry.

Who ARE the CPC Deacons and What do they DO?

Deacons are officers of the church, called by God, elected by the congregation to bring their gifts of compassion to bear in helping to provide care and support for members and their families.

Historically, CPC engaged a bicameral system, meaning having both elders and deacons, serving different purposes in the life of the church.  From 2007-2012 CPC leadership was constituted into a unicameral system, meaning only elders. 

In 2013, CPC reengaged a bicameral system with both elders and deacons, redefining the roles of each body.  As the pastoral care ministries of CPC  have expanded the deacons have continued to explore how best to partner with the other ministries and care for members of the congregation.

To that end, here is how the deacons currently extend Christ’s care within the congregation.

Each deacon cares for a designated group of CPC members that she/he touches base with on a regular basis.  For example, if there is threat of a treacherous storm, calls are made to specific people to ensure they have what they need before the storm and OK after the storm.   Calls are made regularly to people on the church’s prayer list.  Visits are often made to hospitals and rehab centers. Members with particular needs around health issues may be provided support through meals and/or transportation.   Deacons arrange quarterly to share communion with those who may be unable to come to church. 

And who ARE these generous, gifted deacons?

Class of 2021:

Renee Clark, Scott Gibbs, Lloyd Hinnant, Cynthia Stewart, Lisa Weber

Class of 2022:

John Hansen, Kim Herring, Duncan Hutchinson, ConnieSue Oldham, Jason Troiano

Want to know more about deacons and/or how you or a family member can receive support?  

Want to help out? Here’s how: prepare and/or deliver meals; assist with transportation, make visits, lend a hand for occasional house or yard tasks.

Contact Susan Lamatrice or Beth Campbell, co-moderators at

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