PNC Update

Below you will find a link to our PNC meeting minutes, the latest updates, and answers to frequently asked questions with an overview of the process and anticipated milestones. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions, concerns or input at any point during the process. We ask for your prayers, encouragement and patience during this exciting time in the life of our congregation.

With love for CPC,
Emma Anderson, David Bohm, Jeanne Bolick, Sherry Bradsher, Louis Lambe, Linda Oglesby, and Matthew Simmons

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Learn more about interim ministry and see our timeline for the pastor nominating committee process here.

Messages to the Congregation

Your Cary Presbyterian Church Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is leaning into new ways of serving you!
April 20, 2020 – Everyone seems to be talking about “leaning into the new way of doing things” and “new normal”.  Both of those describe how your PNC is continuing to work as we discern the call for our new Pastor/Head of Staff. 

PNC meetings are still occurring but instead of sitting around the table, we are collectively gathering via Zoom.  Mitzi introduced Zoom to the congregation a few weeks ago as a way of staying socially connected during these times of physical distancing ourselves from one another.  In case you missed it and don’t know what Zoom is, it’s a great web-based video conferencing tool that allows people to meet online with video.  Zoom is allowing us to “gather and meet” more often than perhaps we were able to before.  We communicate by phone, email and text as well.  Some members of the team would probably declare that we are more efficient than ever before!

Zoom has been the tool that has allowed our work with the New Hope Presbytery to proceed seamlessly.  Ted Churn, who is our liaison, joins our Zoom meetings as requested.  It was a joy to hear from him that Presbytery business continues to happen as needed and their support should not be hampered by the events of COVID 19.

Most of you will likely recall that interviews were happening prior to most states’ implementation of “stay at home” orders.  Since many of the interviews were already happening with the aid of technology, this, too, has not slowed our progress.  In fact, technology allows the team to spend more time – not less – getting to know the candidates.

The team has been amazed by how well technology has served us and how much we are accomplishing.  To sum things up, the team wants you to know that the timeline for calling a Pastor/Head of Staff as originally stated (18-24 months) is still on target. 

God’s hand continues to guide our work.  While we may not be “doing” things in quite the same way as we had planned, God is clearly showing us that through the Spirit, all things are possible…including the work of calling a Pastor/Head of Staff for CPC.

Blessings to all,


Emma Anderson, David Bohm, Jeanne Bolick, Sherry Bradsher, Louis Lambe, Linda Oglesby,  Matthew Simmons

Greetings from your Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
March 23, 2020 – Greetings from your Pastor Nominating Committee.  We want you to know that we remain active in our discernment process. We are meeting virtually with each other and with candidates. Obviously, we cannot have face to face meetings with candidates due to the COVID-19 virus, complicating our process but not making it impossible. We ask that you continue to pray for us as we pray for you and our country.

At congregational meetings in December 2018 and January 2019 you elected us to serve on CPC’s Pastor Nominating Committee to call our next installed pastor. We are honored and excited to serve in this important role. Knowing this process will take some time we have pledged to send regular updates to keep the congregation informed about our progress.

At our first meeting we met with liaisons from New Hope Presbytery who introduced us to the call process. We subsequently elected Jeanne Bolick and Louis Lambe to serve as co-chairs of the committee. Sherry Bradsher and Linda Oglesby agreed to serve as co-scribes to provide administrative support to the team. We have made an initial commitment to meet bi-weekly, but this is fluid and we will adjust our meeting times as necessary.


How Long, O Lord?

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) link on the church website has this question: 
How long does the search process take?
Answer:  As long as is necessary to call the pastor who will guide us in ministry.
Generally, this takes 12 to 18 months.
The PNC began its work in late January 2019, beginning with reviewing the extensive, helpful information from the Transition Team reports… 

Links to PNC meeting minutes and updates:

CPC PNC Congregational Update 4.20.20. (see at top of page under Messages to the Congregation)

CPC PNC minutes 6.24.20

CPC PNC minutes 6.13.20

CPC PNC minutes 6.11.20 to 6.13.20

CPC PNC minutes 5.27.20

CPC PNC minutes 5.22.20

CPC PNC minutes 5.15.20

CPC PNC minutes 5.8.20

CPC PNC minutes 5.1.20

CPC PNC minutes 4.24.20

CPC PNC minutes 3.30.20

CPC PNC minutes 3.28.20

CPC PNC minutes 3.22.20

CPC PNC Youth Sunday update 3.1.20

CPC PNC minutes 2.17.20

CPC PNC minutes 2.10.20

CPC PNC minutes 2.3.20

CPC PNC minutes 1.31 to 2.1.20

CPC PNC minutes 1.27.20

CPC PNC minutes 1.23 to 1.25.20

CPC PNC minutes 1.14.20

CPC PNC minutes 1.6.20

CPC PNC minutes 11.11.19

CPC PNC Congregational Update 11.10.19

CPC PNC minutes 11.4.19

CPC PNC minutes 10.30.19

CPC PNC Update 10.21.19

CPC PNC minutes 10.14.19

CPC PNC minutes 10.12.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.30.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.23.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.16.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.15.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.10.19

CPC PNC Session Update 9.3.19

CPC PNC minutes 9.2.19

CPC PNC minutes 8.26.19

CPC PNC minutes 8.19.19

CPC PNC minutes 8.12.19

CPC PNC minutes 7.27.19

CPC PNC minutes 7.15.19

CPC PNC minutes 7.13.19

CPC PNC Minutes 7.9.19

CPC PNC Minutes 6.17.19

CPC PNC Minutes 6:11.19

CPC PNC Minutes 6.3.19

CPC PNC Minutes 5.13.19

CPC PNC Minutes 5.7.19

CPC PNC minutes 4.29.19

CPC PNC minutes 4.22.19

CPC PNC Ministry Information Form

CPC PNC Update: April 2019 

CPC PNC minutes 3.26.19

CPC PNC minutes 3.18.19

CPC PNC minutes 3.4.19

CPC PNC minutes 2.18.19

CPC PNC minutes 2.5.19

CPC PNC minutes 1 21 19

Pastor Nominating Process - Overview & FAQ's

MIF is the acronym for Ministry Information Form, and it is the document that gives us the opportunity to describe who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what we are looking for in our next installed pastor. Think of it as our official job posting. Building on the Transition Team’s work with the congregation we are now developing the MIF.

Once finalized, the PNC submits the MIF to both the Session and New Hope Presbytery’s Commission on Ministry. When approved, it will be sent to the PCUSA for matching with candidates.

PIF is the acronym for Personal Information Form, essentially a pastor’s resume and application. PCUSA will match our MIF with PIFs in its database.

The PNC will then evaluate candidates and conduct interviews until a candidate has been chosen. When the PNC has reached a final decision on a candidate, approval of that candidate must be obtained from the presbytery. Session will then call a congregational meeting to approve the call to the new minister.

As long as is necessary to call the pastor who will guide us in ministry. Generally, this takes 12 to 18 months.

The committee takes the confidentiality of its work very seriously. We can discuss process, not people. Please remember we are talking about candidates who are seeking God’s call.

The PCUSA has a matching system that matches our job posting (the MIF) with resumes (or PIFs). Often other ministers or seminary personnel will make suggestions for candidates who they think would be a good fit for this CPC position. These suggested candidates would submit a PIF just like a candidate who had been matched through the system.

Yes! Please email suggestions and recommendations to This is welcomed and encouraged!