Open Positions

Youth Fellowship Coordinator

Cary Presbyterian Church, Cary, North Carolina

CPC Youth Ministry

Cary Presbyterian Church actively engages youth and their families in the ministries of the church, seeking to provide a place of community and exploration that encourages their growth toward a closer relationship with God, each other, the church family and the world.

A major program sponsored by the Youth and Family Ministry is the CPC Youth Fellowship consisting of three distinct youth groups: Christian Adventurers (grades 3-5), Middle School (grades 6-8) and Senior Highs (grades 9-12). These groups generally meet on Sunday evenings and are designed to provide Christian faith formation, fellowship, fun and service. A team of 2-4 advisors leads each group.

CPC is seeking an energetic, organized, committed individual to serve as the Youth Fellowship Coordinator.

Position Description (20-hour/week)

  1. Help to recruit, encourage and support the Youth Fellowship Advisors in developing and implementing programs and events for the Youth Fellowship Program.
  2. Regularly attend Sunday evening youth fellowship programs and other special events
  3. Provide weekly communication through appropriate media to youth and parents concerning youth fellowship programs and events.
  4. Coordinate youth fellowship programs and activities with overall CPC activities.
  5. Provide and coordinate logistical support for programs, retreats and outings.
  6. Provide guidance to the newly formed Youth Leadership Council, which consists of youth selected to provide counsel to the Youth and Family Ministry Team and Youth Fellowship Advisors regarding the structure and content of the youth fellowship program.
  7. Meet regularly and work closely with the Youth and Family Ministry Team to assess and support the Youth Fellowship Programs.
  8. Work with youth to prepare worship for Youth and Graduation Sundays in conjunction with advisors and pastors.
  9. Support and maintain policies stated in the Youth Ministry Handbook 2017-2018 and Safeguarding Our Children.
  10. Report to the Pastor and meets regularly with the CPC staff.


  1. Active faith life
  2. Team building experience
  3. Youth ministry experience
  4. Strong administrative and organizational skills with demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks efficiently in conjunction with advisors, youth, parents and staff.
  5. Ability to maintain appropriate relational and time boundaries

Inquiries and for more information, contact Lori Pistor by email at lori.pistor@carypresbyterian.org, or by phone at (919) 467-8700, Ext. 102.