Preschool Classes

For current openings, please contact the preschool office at 919-469-2229.

Our school day for most classes is 9:30-12:30. Our Extended Day Pre-K class attends from 9:30-1:30. All students bring their own lunch each day. We are a play-based program that focuses on your child’s social and emotional needs. We use Conscious Discipline techniques and teach the Feeling Buddies curriculum to all ages to help children learn to identify their emotions and how to respond. Our Two’s classes participate in Baby Doll Circle Time. For more information about Conscious Discipline, Feeling Buddies and Baby Doll Circle Time visit


Children participate in Music and Movement classes with our dedicated music teacher. Our Science Specialist provides engaging, hands-on science activities in a small group setting for all ages. Religious education is not offered during our regular school hours. A gratitude prayer may be said before lunch. There are 80 students in the program in seven age-determined classes. The following is a description of each class that will help determine your child’s eligibility for the current school year.


Playgroup offers indoor and outdoor activities, art opportunities and fun, educational toys. Children bring their lunch (we provide snack).

Playgroup is a multi-age class open to children who are 18 months by August 31, 2020 or age eligible for one of our 2’s classes and prefer a fun one day class to start the preschool journey. Students from either of the 2’s classes may also enroll in Playgroup for a third day of fun!

  • Meets on Fridays
  • 8 students; two staff members
  • $85 / month

T/Th Two-Year-olds

Our Tuesday/Thursday two-year-olds follow an age-appropriate curriculum with two staff members. Music is held once a week. Children bring their own lunch (we provide snack).

  • Must be two years old by August 31, 2020; birthdates between 3/1/18 and 8/31/18
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 8 students; two staff members
  • $170 / month

M/W Two-Year-Olds

Our Monday/Wednesday two-year-olds follow an age-appropriate curriculum with two staff members. Music is held once a week. Children bring their own lunch (we provide snack).

  • Must be two years old by February 28, 2020; birth dates between 9/1/17 and 2/28/18
  • Mondays and Wednesdays
  • 10 students; two staff members
  • $170 / month


The three-year-olds must be potty-trained (meaning the child does not need diapers or pull-ups), and must be able to handle bathroom needs with little assistance. We follow an age-appropriate curriculum. Music is held once a week. Children bring their own lunch. Must be three years old by August 31, 2020.

2 Day 3’s

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • 12 students; two staff members
  • $170 / month

3 Day 3’s

  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • 12 students; two staff members
  • $210 / month


We use a kindergarten-readiness curriculum. Our preschool is using the Letterland Child-Friendly Phonics program that has been adopted by the Wake County Public Schools to teach our 4 year olds alphabet recognition and sounds. While continuing to focus on learning through play, using this method for teaching the alphabet will give our students continuity in learning as they head into Kindergarten. Letterland incorporates a visual, auditory, and tactile approach to the alphabet so that the needs of all learning styles are met. For more information about Letterland visit

Music is held twice a week. Children will see the Science Specialist twice per month. Children bring their own lunch.

  • Must be four years old by August 31, 2020
  • 4’s need to be potty trained
  • 15 students; two staff members

4 Day & 5 Day Pre-K

  • Students attend 4 or 5 days per week
  • $240 / month for 4 day
  • $270 / month for 5 day

Extended Day Pre-K

  • All students attend Monday through Friday
  • 9:30-1:30 daily
  • $310 / month

Transition Class

Our 5 year olds are welcome to return for a second year, if needed. We want all families to feel that their children are developmentally ready to attend Kindergarten! 

Power Hour Classes

Power Hour classes are offered by semester, in the fall for our 4 or 5 day (9:30-12:30) Pre-K and as a combination class with the 3’s class in the spring. The classes offered will vary according to interest and availability. Power Hour provides an additional hour of preschool one day of the week. They begin toward the end of September for the fall semester, giving students time to settle in to their regular classroom routine. The spring semester beings mid-January. There is an additional charge for each class paid by semester. Information is sent to parents in August and December detailing which classes will be available.This provides an opportunity for the four’s classes to learn with different teachers, visit different classrooms, and experience special activities. Pricing varies, depending on the number of weeks offered, but is generally less expensive than community center classes.

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