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Parish Nurse for Compassionate Care

We are God’s family through the common bond of faith in Jesus Christ.  In gratitude for God’s love and grace and empowered by the Spirit, we aspire to create a vibrant faith community through every member’s discipleship and by contributing to the well-being of the community at large.   

This working mission statement undergirds CPC’s vision in developing and supporting the Ministry Areas of the church:  Worship, Education, Health & Wholeness, Fellowship, Mission and Operations.  

Parish Nursing is a ministry of compassionate care to the whole person. This ministry of service aims to maintain and/or restore optimum health for people, enable persons to live creatively within their limitations, bring comfort to those in suffering and grief, and to provide support in life’s obstacles and challenges. Parish nursing understands health to be a dynamic process, which embodies the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual dimensions of the person, holding the spiritual dimension to be central to its practice.

Characteristics/Qualities Sought:

Faith-centered, compassionate, encouraging, energetic, enjoys collaboration, good sense of self, flexible yet strong boundaries, servant hearted


  • R.N. licensed in North Carolina with five years minimum experience 
  • Commitment to maintaining knowledge and skill base as a registered nurse
  • Skill in leading individual and group presentations
  • Must maintain current CPR certification
  • Effective communication skills
  • Genuine compassion and respect for all persons
  • Christian faith and commitment to the healing ministry 
  • Commitment to fostering health and wellness
  • Ability to work in a team setting
  • Parish Nursing/Faith Community Nursing Training (preferred)

Responsibilities and Goals:

The parish nurse provides many functions to members of the congregation and community.  A parish nurse often functions as a health educator, personal health counselor, referral agent, trainer of volunteers, developer of support groups, health advocate, and integrator of faith and health.

This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Researching and offering community resources
  • Advocating for patients and families 
  • Providing home assessments 
  • Attending doctor’s visits to help decipher, advocate, and support 
  • Providing and facilitating health education and counseling 
  • Providing and facilitating training and education for volunteers
  • Assisting ministries in the coordination of care of members as a part of the Health and Wholeness Ministry Area
  • Meet with Pastoral Care Team (weekly) to review pastoral care needs, both short-term and long-term. Plan and implement accordingly.
  • Compile weekly prayer concerns for Sunday worship and for weekly congregation-wide email
  • Follow-up with identified health needs and concerns 


  • Accountable to the Pastor/Head of Staff and the Personnel Committee 
  • Annual Reviews per the Cary Presbyterian Church Personnel Policy and quarterly checkpoints with Pastor/Head of Staff 
  • A member of the Personnel Committee will serve as a support to the parish nurse

Terms and Conditions:

  • 80-hour a month position
  • Salary: based on qualifications and experience

Please send resume or equivalent to: 

Cary Presbyterian Church 
Attn: Belinda Weinbrecht
614 Griffis Street
Cary, NC  27511

Phone: 919-467-8700