Spiritual Development/Formation

Periodically the Spiritual Practices Ministry Team presents Mindfulness Meditation workshops and yoga classes. Yet, learning and growing in faith doesn’t always happen in a classroom. As a family of faith, we engage in those activities and nurture those attitudes that deepen our relationship with God and allow us to be transformed by the Holy Spirit which shapes us more and more in the likeness of Jesus Christ. Here are some ways to develop your spiritual life through Cary Presbyterian:


Cary Presbyterian offers several retreats during the year. The CPC Family Faith Retreat is held annually in the spring either at a camp or conference center, or in a more local setting. The retreat may be a 12 hour event or an overnight 28 hour event. The emphasis is on the CPC Family and is intergenerational. Recent themes have been God’s Story—Our Story, FaceTime with God, and Got Prayer? Outdoor worship, various learning activities and games are all part of the adventure.

An Adult Faith Retreat is occasionally held at Salter Path NC for 24 hours and includes Scripture study, group sharing and outdoor worship.

A 24 hour Silent Retreat is offered once a year, usually in the late fall at a nearby retreat center.


Walking can be a spiritual experience; movement can be a prayer. For some of us, walking is the way we do contemplation, discernment and often can best encounter the divine. The labyrinth is a spiritual tool that helps us use our walking for spiritual purposes. Our indoor labyrinth is occasionally set out in the Fellowship Hall from 5:30-7:30 pm and is open to the community. The outdoor labyrinth is always available in the wooded area behind the church building—follow the signs.

Centering Prayer

This way of praying prepares us to receive the gift of God’s presence. Centering Prayer moves from more active ways to pray –verbal and mental—to a receptive prayer of resting in God, emphasizing prayer as a personal relationship with God. At the same time, it is a discipline by encouraging a regular, daily practice of prayer. The Centering Prayer group meets weekly in the church building. Please see the church calendar for times.