Milestones Ministry

As God’s family we need to pause at moments to acknowledge God’s presence and celebrate as a community how God is at work. One of the ways to do that is by marking the milestones in each other’s lives, particularly those focusing on the faith journey. Celebrating faith milestones gives us an opportunity to directly relate our individual stories to the story of God’s people from Scripture.

What is Milestones Ministry?

The milestones in our lives include baptisms, professions of faith, learning to worship, acknowledgement of being able to read the Bible, or any other time we come together as a community of believers to intentionally acknowledge God’s provision, grace and care. Each milestone enriches our community and builds up the body of Christ by helping us all remember that we travel this journey together.

Milestones are designed to help adults—parents and the congregation- -keep the promises made when a child is baptized. Each Milestone will involve the parents/guardians/significant adults in some way: through a class, a project, experience, or all three. The role of parents/guardians is critical to the faith growth of children.

How it works

Each Milestone has three crucial elements:

  1. A cross+generational event – a time to come together to learn about the milestone through an engaging, hands on experience. It will include at least two generations, ordinarily children and parents. Milestone Classes are usually held during the Sunday school hour in lieu of regular class; ranges from one to three weeks. (See calendar for a specific year).
  2. Celebrate in worship – as we lift up the milestone amongst the community of faith. This part of the Milestone usually takes place during Sunday worship and includes a special blessing and gift. It is a time when the kids and families are surrounded by the love and support of the worshiping community.
  3. Homegrown Faith – supports the milestone in the home. Each family is encouraged to continue to celebrate and grow in faith as a family through taking part in the four keys of nurturing faith: caring conversations, family devotions, service, rituals and traditions.

Here are the Milestones celebrated at CPC:

Starting Sunday School – for 2/3/4 YEAR OLD children who are new to Sunday school and their parents. Note the time: Saturday morning, close to the time of Rally Day* from 10:30-11:30 am. Children will visit their rooms, practice their routine, and receive a blessing. [Rally Day refers to the ‘back to school’ gathering with refreshments, registration, and introductions to the year].

Starting School – for KINDERGARTENER Parents. A “Blessing of the Backpacks” will be offered for all children returning to school, with special emphasis on our kindergarten children as they reach this Milestone. A special class will be held in September for parents that will have information about helping with this transition, as well as faith development ideas for home. Watch for more info in the Link. Prayer Milestone – for FIRST graders, this two session introduction to praying and specifically to The Lord’s Prayer culminates in leading the congregation as Jesus taught us to pray during worship on February 15 and 22, 2015.

Preparing Children for Worship

Cary Presbyterian Church Children are welcomed and encouraged to be in worship at Cary Presbyterian Church! We value the presence of children and affirm that:

  • it is important to come to worship each Sunday—for all ages
  • children belong to this special group of people
  • the sights, sounds, and other senses of the sanctuary are good, though not always understandable
  • something is expected of children, as well as youth and adults, and that they may respond in song, in prayer, in offering, and other acts of worship.

This Milestone is for SECOND graders during Sunday school and their parents, this three week class introduces the order or worship, how to use the bulletin, special worship vocabulary, learning about the worship space, and the sacraments. Held close to the beginning of the program year in September, it concludes with recognition in worship.

Getting to Know My Bible – for THIRD graders and the PARENTS The church presents a Bible to each of our third graders each year. This year we’re excited to introduce an interactive child’s edition of the Common English Bible. Because we don’t just want to hand the children a Bible without help, and because research shows that the single most important part of faith development is the parent’s involvement, we have special three week unit that includes parents. The class will be held during Sunday school in Faith Journey in the fall so that the third graders will really ‘get to know my Bible.’

Worship Two – FIFTH graders and parents have a blast learning new ways of thinking and engaging in worship. A skit, graham-cracker cathedrals and a computer game ‘Attack of the Sunday School Zombies’ are included in a three week class, followed by recognition.

ConfirmationSee more in the Youth section: A full educational experience for those in 8th grade exploring professing their faith and joining the church. September-May during Sunday school.

Driver’s License – for those who have or will receive their driver’s license during the year from September to—September. This one time class will be held in the spring followed by this Milestone recognition in worship that same day.