Welcome to Learning—faith formation and Christian education! Cary Presbyterian celebrates the value of education and faith formation. Look around this section of the website to explore the many ways we support growth in the Christian faith. We offer Sunday school, mid-week, Sunday evening, and special learning opportunities for ALL ages–adults to 2 year olds. Explore God’s Word, what the Christian life is about, and how to serve God and others through connections with this particular family of faith. The cornerstone of faith formation is Sunday School, 9:45-10:45 a.m., but do check out Milestones Ministry, the Walking in Faith Travel Guide, Confirmation, and much more!

For further information about faith formation and Christian education of all types, contact the Director of Christian Education ( medora.hix@carypresbyterian.org ).

Also, you may consult the pages on Faith Formation (pp. 6-8) in our Fall 2017 Brochure, ‘Formed by Faith,’ pictured above, for more information on Faith Formation. (Click this link for a pdf of the brochure.)