Memorials and Endowments

The Memorials and Endowments Team manages designated gifts to the church as well as managing the church’s endowment held by New Covenant Funds and JP Morgan. The church created the endowment fund in 1998 and it reached its initial principal balance of $100,000 in 2007. The fund now uses the growth in principal to support an annual grant process.

The CPC Memorials & Endowment Team has announced a new grant cycle for 2018.

Is there a mission or faith based activity you are passionate about, but it is not yet sponsored through the CPC budget? If so, a grant issued by the Memorials & Endowment Team is a great way to obtain capital needed to foster such a project.

The purpose of an M&E grant is to provide resources to support faith-based initiatives. These initiatives must align with the overall purpose of the Endowment Fund, which is to provide opportunities for members to support the benevolent, educational, and mission work of the whole church. Specifically, the church desires to enlarge the scope of the congregation’s work and influence by:

· initiating, supporting, and maintaining worthy community projects;

· participating more fully in the many avenues for service to God and to humankind offered by our denomination, including religious fellowship, worship and education;

· expanding its witness to Jesus Christ; and

· engaging in programs designed to attend to the needs and wants of the elderly, sick, poor, young, bereaved, and physically or mentally handicapped.

The grants are one-time, non-recurring gifts and are not intended to replace existing budgets or support ongoing projects. Any CPC member may apply.

Some examples of past grants are:

· Stop Hunger Now

· Prayer Shawl Ministry

· Guatemala – funds for initial mission trip

· Fair Trade Coffee

· Bridge to Life Ministry

· Summer Mission Experience

· Children in Worship

· Nimasac, Guatemala Agricultural project

· CPC Making Preschool Possible scholarship fund

· Coming Together speaker series

· Be the Hands deacon workday

· Nimasac, Guatemala church addition/building project

· The Carying Place – multiple projects

· Indoor Labyrinth

· and many more…

Not sure if a certain initiative falls within the parameters of the grant guidelines? Please contact one of the committee members with this or any other questions regarding the application process. The committee members are Donna Adkins, Barbara Carew, Jeff Clark, Barbara Nelson, and Brian Short-team lead.

The application deadline is close of business Monday June 18 and approved grants will be announced by August 1, with funds disbursed by September 1.

Apply for an Endowment Grant now!

Cary Presbyterian Church Memorials & Endowment Funds Distribution Policies -

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