“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1

Dear CPC Members and Friends:

As we welcome the changes in nature around us, we are reminded that God is eternal and lives through all the seasons. 

The liturgical seasons of the church — Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter — celebrate and teach Jesus’s life and mission on earth and summon us to follow Jesus. Pentecost calls us to action and unity as Christ’s church.

As we worship together, enjoy fellowship, attend classes, support missions, and give freely of our spiritual, practical and monetary gifts, the presence of the Spirit inspires our generosity and invites us to year-round service and ministry. Our generosity makes CPC a vibrant faith community and nurtures its future.

At the Connections Expo on September 29, 2019, there was clear evidence of the great enthusiasm and many talents of our church members!  

Each of us has God-given abilities and passions. Together, each with unique gifts, we are all necessary for the church to function as one.

How will you share or continue to share your gifts at Cary Presbyterian?

How will your financial support strengthen and enhance the ministries  in which we are engaged?

Donations of time, talent, and financial resources create connections with others, and bring fulfillment and joy. These are also vital for the continuing health of our ministries and missions.

With Gratitude,

Your CPC Generosity Team: Rowena Morrison, Jim Kurz, Donna Adkins, Su Johnson, Summer Bohm, Mary Jane Donahue, Barbara Carew, Lori Pistor

You can make a financial commitment here online.

When we share, we grow;
when we give, we are generous;
we become more like God in our compassion and the abundant sharing of our blessings.

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