Youth Groups

Engaging all youth and their families where they are on their faith journey and providing a place of community and exploration that encourages their growth toward a closer relationship with each other, the church family, the world, and God.

Children and youth in grades 3rd through 12th are invited for games, team-building activities, mission opportunities, service projects, and other special programs. Together, we’ll explore and nurture our Christian faith in a safe and supportive environment. Youth will have an opportunity for fellowship with their friends and will learn ways to spread Christ’s love throughout their community.

Youth programs are divided into age groups and meet most Sunday evenings during the school year. We typically gather in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy dinner together before breaking out by group. Click on a link below to see each group’s calendar, which includes details about each meeting and event.

There’s something for everyone – please join us!

Christian Adventurers (Grades 3 – 5)

Meets twice per month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm (unless otherwise noted) for dinner and a program. We participate in lots of fun activities, such as team-building games, recreational outings, holiday themed parties, and much more!

Middle School Youth (Grades 6 – 8)

Meets weekly from 6:00pm – 8:00pm (unless otherwise noted) for dinner and a program. We do a variety of activities including mission and outreach to local non-profits (such as landscaping assistance for a Carying Place), participation in the Crop Walk, cookouts, various holiday events, and much more! And for our meetings held at church, we always end the night with S’mores by the fire pit! Yum!

Senior High Youth (Grades 9 – 12)

Meets weekly from 6:00pm – 8:00pm (unless otherwise noted) for dinner and a program. We like to mix it up with topical programs relevant to a teen’s life (relationships, doubt, and stress are just a few examples), mission and outreach opportunities, socials, and special monthly programs such as Bridge to Life. In this program, we partner with two college students who are involved with the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at NC State University for a FUN evening of games, activities and discussions. This program offers us an opportunity for mentorship and exposes us to opportunities for staying engaged with a faith community after high school youth group.

College Age Ministry is a growing ministry that currently involves regular contact with our college and graduate students, those who are serving our country, and other young people serving overseas in a variety of capacities. The church also actively supports the Presbyterian Campus Ministry at North Carolina State University

To learn more about CPC’s youth programs or to sign up for our weekly email newsletter, please contact Terry Anderson.

Adults - Youth Group Advisors are needed to coordinate and lead activities for each youth group. Youth and Families Committee members are also needed to support advisors in planning activities and programs. Committee members also help determine the direction and goals of our youth programs and help champion the program within the church. We’d welcome you to join us! Currently serving on the committee are Terry Anderson, Leah Burton, Renee Clark, Caroline Derifaj, Darlene Donkin, Jerry Slaymaker. For more information on how to serve our youth, please contact: Caroline Nelson Derifaj or Leah Burton.

Our Mission Statement:

As an essential part of the ministry of the Cary Presbyterian church, the Youth and Family Ministries Team seeks to:

  • Provide a place (or places) for youth and their families to explore their faith in a non-judgmental environment of loving support
  • Develop ministry programs that are relational, formative, and consistent with reformed theology using creativity, openness, compassion and grace.
  • Inspire honest and authentic conversations exploring faith and how we experience God.
  • Offer a strong foundation for continued spiritual development as our youth move into the world to share God’s love.
  • Give opportunity for youth to be involved in the full mission of the church through participation in worship and outreach ministries.
  • Provide an environment where our youth can form lasting relationships with adults outside their immediate family.

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